Why Do Teens Develop Eating Disorders?

As you may recall, being a teenager comes with highs and lows that can be difficult to understand. For some teens, severe lows can be hidden from view in the form of an eating disorder. While this particular problem may not be uncommon, it is often difficult for parents to understand why it occurs. What are the causes of eating disorders in teens and what can you do to prevent or correct them?

Eating disorders are a tricky subject because they typically do not have one root cause. Some teens can be negatively affected by social pressures to maintain an unrealistic weight and figure, while others may suffer from deeper problems (psychological/emotional) that manifest in the form of an eating disorder. It is even possible that some individuals’ genes put them at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

While the causes of eating disorders in teens may not be concrete, there are ways that you can help your teen before an eating disorder becomes a regular part of their life. Making healthy eating habits clear by having good meals together as a family is a great way to provide the earliest model for your kids. Also, focusing on personal achievements instead of their physical appearance may help guide their focus away from social pressures and standards of “beauty”.

Whether your teen has or has not developed an eating disorder, it is important to be unconditionally loving and supportive of your teen. Good communication and professional help are two of the most crucial elements than can help your child fight an eating disorder.

If you have children, you want the very best for them. In order to provide more support, you need to take the time to establish good communication. The causes of eating disorders in teens can be societal, biological, or medical. By teaching healthy eating habits and staying in-touch with your child, you can give them a better chance at a healthier life.

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