The Starting Long-Term Effects Of Bulimia

You may have heard of Bulimia Nervosa and wondered if it is as big a deal as people make it out to be. While you may be aware of the behavior associated with this disorder, you may not be familiar with the long-term effects that can accompany it.

Ultimately, Bulimia can lead to the death of the individual who suffers from it. But there are other side effects that can take their toll over the course of weeks, months, and even years after the behavior has been corrected. Due to the act of excessive purging, the person’s body sustains surprising amounts of damage. For example, frequent vomiting that is repeated over an extended amount of time can damage the esophagus, teeth, and even cause problems with glands and gums of the mouth.

Unfortunately, these side effects barely scratch the surface. Repeated vomiting robs the body of necessary potassium and can cause a severe imbalance of other crucial nutrients as well. The strain on the individual’s body can damage their heart and can lead to a variety of mental, physical, and emotional obstacles later on down the road. These can include depression, Osteoporosis, intestinal problems, infertility, and anemia, just to name a few.

Clearly, the long term effects of Bulimia can be absolutely catastrophic to any individual who suffers from it. But there are treatment options that can be very effective. If you or someone you know is battling with an eating disorder, getting professional help sooner rather than later may help prevent some of the long-term side effects that could be life-altering.

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