The Stages Of Eating Disorder Recovery

Recovery from an eating disorder is a process that consists of several stages. Looking at this process when you or a family member are just starting out can seem daunting. While eating disorder recovery is an on-going process, progress begins on the very first day.

It is often necessary to seek professional assistance during the recovery and treatment process. The patience and insight of therapists, psychologists, and doctors are invaluable, especially during the initial weeks and months of treatment. This first stage is characterized by a greater or lesser degree of medical intervention, whether that comes in the form of a hospital stay, doctor’s care, or psychiatric hospitalization.

After this first period of treatment the patient will receive treatment on an out-patient basis. This can include regular therapy sessions and medical checkups to assess progress. You might find it helpful to seek out a clinic or practitioner experienced in treating people diagnosed with an eating disorder. Medication, a managed diet, and other forms of therapy will continue during this second stage.

As out-patient treatment becomes necessary on a less frequent basis other forms of support will be helpful. Support groups provided a much-needed “check in” for people with eating disorders. These groups are safe, supportive environments that can play a key role in long-term recovery. Most groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist or other professional.

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible. It’s important not to give up hope. With the right support during every stage of recovery, a new life is within your grasp.

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