Teen Dieting

Ensuring Your Teen Diets The Right Way


Society today is obsessed with looks. Magazines, television shows, movies, and the Internet are all full of images of both men and women who have the “perfect” body.  These images make it difficult for people, especially teenagers, to know what weight is appropriate and healthy because it brings a distorted vision of reality.  This makes it important for you to speak with your teen, or children at any age, about dieting the right way and what constitutes a healthy weight.


Teen dieting is on the rise.  Sadly, it is rising for the wrong reasons.  Instead of wanting to be healthy, teens are skipping meals or starving themselves so they look how they feel society wants them to look.  While it is extremely important for your teen to maintain a healthy weight, you want to make sure that weight is maintained through a combination of exercise and good eating.  You should never allow your children to participate in teen dieting that does not include exercise as a part of the weight loss process.  Both you and the teenager should be a part of the decision for your teen to start a diet.


If you and your teen decide that dieting is a good idea, you should talk about risks of improper dieting.  When teens diet, they may be tempted to do it in ways that is unhealthy and can even be life threatening.  Speak with your son or daughter about the dangers of eating disorders and make sure you have an open relationship so he or she can come to you with any problems during the diet.

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