Is It A Diet Or An Eating Disorder?

If you are constantly “dieting” in order to lose weight, you may need to occasionally ask yourself, “Is it a diet or an eating disorder?”  In a world where not being on a diet is considered to be out of the norm, it can be difficult to draw the line between dieting and eating disorders.

Dieting is about controlling your weight through food, while eating disorders go far beyond that.  Eating disorders are often about gaining control over life.  Many individuals who suffer from eating disorders struggle with wanting to gain approval and acceptance from themselves or others.  They may be trying to numb painful emotions, or they simply feel that by controlling their food intake and weight, they can prove to themselves and others that they are in control of at least one component of their lives.  Eating disorders do not stop when a certain weight goal is achieved because a new goal will always be set.  Those with eating disorders have unrealistic and unattainable expectations that cannot be met, which often leads to a poor self-esteem and general outlook on life.

Next time you are pondering the question, “Is it a diet or an eating disorder?” take a moment to focus on how you feel about yourself and about life in general.  By focusing on confidence and self-acceptance, you are sure to find your inner beauty without turning to destructive eating disorders.

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