How To Recognize Eating Disorders In Teens

Eating disorders are something that millions of people struggle with.  Sometimes it can take a lifetime to finally rid oneself of the disorder.  The most important things that you can do for someone who has an eating disorder is recognizing the signs of eating disorders in teens and offering help. While you may think that the only sign that someone has an eating disorder is dramatic weight loss; that is simply not the case.  Eating disorders manifest themselves in a number of physical and behavioral changes in people and are almost impossible to completely hide when you know what you are looking for.


The following may be signs that you will see when someone has an eating disorder, but is not a comprehensive list by any means.  One of the most obvious signs of eating disorders in teens was already mentioned: dramatic weight loss over a short time period.  Others include: wearing baggy clothing to hide the body, obsession with the caloric value of food, obsession with exercise, binge eating or purging, isolation, visiting the bathroom immediately after meals, hair loss, cessation of menstrual cycle, mood swings, and acid damage to teeth.  If anyone that you love is showing signs of an eating disorder, you need to get them help.  Counseling can be a great way for someone to start the healing process from an eating disorder and is a must for a real recovery.  Be supportive, yet firm in setting goals and monitoring how your teen is doing and you can help them fully heal mentally and physically.

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